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seen: skins season four

Ok, so I have only seen the first episode but… SOMEONE DIES!

Hush now, don’t fret. It is just some random girl dealt a mind altering dose of smack by none other than our favourite blonde-juvenile-deliquent-pseudo-lesbian Naomi. Omgwtfamiright?

I always knew she was destined for greatness.. *tear*

Anyway, most of the episode was a little ho-hum and i was wondering why… and then i realised, THERE IS NO EFFY! Oh where, oh where could she be? I almost cried, and then felt disgusted with myself that i hadn’t realised sooner. I vowed to never reveal my horrid anti-effy ignorance to the world. Oh the shame! Oh, um, pretend you didn’t read that…

Moving on…

So Effy turns up in the end. Still pasty. Still amazing. Still looking like she got wasted, had extremely rough sex, passed out in a trash can, woke up, ate some air for breakfast and didn’t even bother to shower. Only Effy could take that look and make it sexy.

But what happens next?! I’m sure i could google it, but I’d rather wait and see… or maybe… no i’ll wait…



notes: the old man and the sea

I have an old and beautiful copy of The Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway. One of my most treasured possessions. 

This is the note inside the cover:

Dear the elegant Asha,

I must insist in your consent of my giving of this book to you.

My reasoning is simple, though at first it may strike you, as all good reasoning should.

The cool sagacity of this tale reflects your own alleviating essence, therefore it would be wrong – a great injustice for you and this book to part ways.

So please, accept this small gift, a token of my affections.

So please, accept this book, for you have turned in these pages and this book has become accustomed to you.

It has stirred in your salt-born fingers and you alone now possess it’s quintessence.

I must, before I go ask a question of you – Were you born in the depths of the sea?



read: national geographic special issue – the holy land


Upon the return of my Mother from her recent trip to the south lands (i.e. Melbourne and Canberra) I was presented with three gifts (how very biblical, yes). The first, a calendar claiming ‘3000 things to be happy about’. I open it to a random date, July 12, and the first thing-to-be-happy-about i read is ‘children’. I hate children.  I quickly set it aside and force a smile and a ‘wow, cool…thanks mum.. no really, this is really cool”.

The second gift was a Kings of Leon ‘band shirt’.  I already own one Kings of Leon shirt that i picked up at their concert. But this new shirt was in a whole league of its own. Featuring an extremely creepy colour cartoon interpretation of the band on the front, and the same image on the back in black and white, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I later found out that she bought it from the Dandenong markets… which explains a lot.  I think even my mum could tell it was dodgy. All i could manage in response to this second offering was a dull, “wow, well, I’m sure we can do something with this..”

And that’s when i spied it, the third gift, a National Geographic magazine special issue on the Holy Land. I actually squealed with glee. I bet this wasn’t on the calendar list. It is just an awesome feeling, flipping through a National Geographic and saying “I’ve been there.. and there…oh that place was amazing…been there too.”

But I digress, as per usual with most Nat Geo publications, the writing in this issue is magnificent as are the photographs.  If you are a nerd like me and are into this stuff you should definitely buy it. Oh, and did you know you can now buy the complete National Geographic since 1888 on DVD? Oh my!

Ok enough with the nerd talk. It’s a good issue. Read it.

worn: an outfit to describe my current mood

loved: demetri martin

Here are six reasons I love Demetri Martin:





(yes, that is one massive palindrome)










The End.

notes: sinead o’rebellion

i cut all my hair off. feels amazing.


worn: shades of grey