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Please direct all Questions to: asha-niketan@live.com. Kthnx.



 “Oh, yes. Patrick wolf. Now what’s the go Asha? His voice- gay. the music-ok. the strings –oooh , he’s lucky. I want a brief essay- maybe 200 words, smart casual, on the meaning of life according to Patrick wolf and why Asha backs him, on my desk by tomorrow afternoon. Stat. So anyway. I watched the clip (Wind In The Wires) – yeah cool, if you’re into the Auschwiz look. And yes the hair would look great on you. But honestly, body wise, if I was with a girl and she took her clothes off and looked like that I’d just be like ‘oh, um, sorry. No, no, my mistake. I’ll just see myself out. Right, thanks.’ How’s about a bit of a workout? Just a few reps, couple o’ sets, that’s all, oh, and maybe a touch of tan too. I mean its-not-that-hard.” 

 – Claire via facebook Message


Dear Claire.
Let me begin by saying that Mr. Wolf’s instrumental and vocal abilities far surpass most popualr recording artists of this modern age. Furthermore, his performance in a live arena is near flawless and evokes such passion from himself, his band and his captive audience. I understand that his music would most definitely not be to everyone’s taste but I firmly believe that anyone who claims that his music is ‘bad’, is merely afraid to like someone so avant in their musical stylings. Regarding his  look, i think he is beautiful.  Just my opinion. I’m not into tans, or biceps.

Anyway, did I mention that he cries tears of glitter? Or that he has a tattoo of a unicorn on his chest? And that he looks adorable with any colour hair? (which is an achievement in itself). Some say he is half man half magical creature, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging for magic mushrooms (which would explain his Hard Times video)… either way, he’s pretty damn amazing.

I hope this response is sufficient.



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