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seen & heard: gaga and elton at the grammys

One word: Wow!

Does that really count as a word? I don’t care. Wow. WOW.



seen: skins season four

Ok, so I have only seen the first episode but… SOMEONE DIES!

Hush now, don’t fret. It is just some random girl dealt a mind altering dose of smack by none other than our favourite blonde-juvenile-deliquent-pseudo-lesbian Naomi. Omgwtfamiright?

I always knew she was destined for greatness.. *tear*

Anyway, most of the episode was a little ho-hum and i was wondering why… and then i realised, THERE IS NO EFFY! Oh where, oh where could she be? I almost cried, and then felt disgusted with myself that i hadn’t realised sooner. I vowed to never reveal my horrid anti-effy ignorance to the world. Oh the shame! Oh, um, pretend you didn’t read that…

Moving on…

So Effy turns up in the end. Still pasty. Still amazing. Still looking like she got wasted, had extremely rough sex, passed out in a trash can, woke up, ate some air for breakfast and didn’t even bother to shower. Only Effy could take that look and make it sexy.

But what happens next?! I’m sure i could google it, but I’d rather wait and see… or maybe… no i’ll wait…


seen: avatar

Jake Sulley in his avatar body and Na'vi princess Neytiri

I can describe this film in three words.

Make that three letters.

O. M. G.

And now, what you should do about this film in three words.



Never before have 10′ tall, blue skinned, cat-like alien people looked so hot damn hot.

Jame’s Cameron has created another epic, and i mean EPIC, film that will quite possibly cause your mind to implode upon viewing. You don’t even realise that you have been sitting in a cinema for close to three hours. There is no time for noticing the discomfort of cinema chairs or that growing desire to use the bathroom after consuming a ridiculously sized frozen coke in the first 5 minutes, when something as good as this is playing out before your eyes.

It makes you think, “Man, it sucks to be human..”

Pandora anyone?

seen: the time traveler’s wife

This time Harvey said it wouldn’t be sad, with a reassurment of:

“Well i have read the book and i don’t remember it being THAT sad. But i can’t remember much of it really..”

I assumed the worst.

I must confess i did cry. I mean dramatic music, Rachel McAdams running through a field to hug her husband who has been dead for 4 years and has time travelled forward from the past to tell her he loves her. .. who can’t relate to that sort of stuation?

But I digress… Rachel McAdams was amazing as ever. (opinion possibly biased through extreme love of Mean Girls). Eric Bana also played a pretty good part, though i couldn’t help but giggle slightly everytime i heard the line “I’m a time traveller” said in a very serious voice.

Another thing that distracted me from the film was the fact that Mr. Bana was nude for a lot of the film. But it wasn’t that which distracted me, it was the thought of how awkard it would have been for him during filming.

And the whole pedo-esque nature of him emerging from the bushes dressed only in a blanket making a young girl fall in love with him was a bit off-putting.

Don’t get me wrong, it was really good, but maybe I should have read the book first…

seen: the box


Last night.

Harvey: Hey, Wanna come see a movie with me?

Kiki: Sure.

At Noosa 5 Cinemas.

Kiki: So what film are we seeing?

Harvey: The Box.

Kiki: It looks scary…

Harvey: It’s not. It is a ‘drama with elements of a thriller’.

Kiki: That sounds scary.

Harvey: It’s not.

Kiki: Buffy is classed as horror to me.

Harvey: Wanna get popcorn?

After film.

Kiki: What the fuck?

Harvey: Oh My God!

Kiki: I know, right?

Harvey: Sooo scary!

Kiki: Except the part with those random watery doorways… That was just weird.

Harvey: Ha ha. Yeah and the ETERNAL DAMNATION!

Kiki: I am so leaving a brown cardboard box on your doorstep one day.