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read: national geographic special issue – the holy land


Upon the return of my Mother from her recent trip to the south lands (i.e. Melbourne and Canberra) I was presented with three gifts (how very biblical, yes). The first, a calendar claiming ‘3000 things to be happy about’. I open it to a random date, July 12, and the first thing-to-be-happy-about i read is ‘children’. I hate children.  I quickly set it aside and force a smile and a ‘wow, cool…thanks mum.. no really, this is really cool”.

The second gift was a Kings of Leon ‘band shirt’.  I already own one Kings of Leon shirt that i picked up at their concert. But this new shirt was in a whole league of its own. Featuring an extremely creepy colour cartoon interpretation of the band on the front, and the same image on the back in black and white, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. I later found out that she bought it from the Dandenong markets… which explains a lot.  I think even my mum could tell it was dodgy. All i could manage in response to this second offering was a dull, “wow, well, I’m sure we can do something with this..”

And that’s when i spied it, the third gift, a National Geographic magazine special issue on the Holy Land. I actually squealed with glee. I bet this wasn’t on the calendar list. It is just an awesome feeling, flipping through a National Geographic and saying “I’ve been there.. and there…oh that place was amazing…been there too.”

But I digress, as per usual with most Nat Geo publications, the writing in this issue is magnificent as are the photographs.  If you are a nerd like me and are into this stuff you should definitely buy it. Oh, and did you know you can now buy the complete National Geographic since 1888 on DVD? Oh my!

Ok enough with the nerd talk. It’s a good issue. Read it.


read: ‘gaza: over and over’

What: Gaza: Over and Over

About: Israel vs. Gaza

Features:  A well put-together collection of information, statistical data, first-hand stories and images of the war. The publication aslo features some amazing modern day political and protest art.

Downside: Seemed a little one-sided at times but overall a good look at the conflict in the area.

Read if: You have an interest in what is going on between Israel and palestine, or even if you don’t.  Check it out. Pass it on.

Find it: www.nomoreign.wordpress.com