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notes: back again

Ok, so it has been way longer than a few weeks. sorry.


notes: see you

I’m going away for a few weeks.

See you when I get back. xox


Here is some Manx to keep you company:



notes: the old man and the sea

I have an old and beautiful copy of The Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway. One of my most treasured possessions. 

This is the note inside the cover:

Dear the elegant Asha,

I must insist in your consent of my giving of this book to you.

My reasoning is simple, though at first it may strike you, as all good reasoning should.

The cool sagacity of this tale reflects your own alleviating essence, therefore it would be wrong – a great injustice for you and this book to part ways.

So please, accept this small gift, a token of my affections.

So please, accept this book, for you have turned in these pages and this book has become accustomed to you.

It has stirred in your salt-born fingers and you alone now possess it’s quintessence.

I must, before I go ask a question of you – Were you born in the depths of the sea?



notes: sinead o’rebellion

i cut all my hair off. feels amazing.