loved: spike the fish

Rest in peace my little red-tailed piscene aquatic friend.

It was a pleasure reading to you and watching you swim around and eat all the other fish for 7+ years.

I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish Kerouac.

Say hi to darcy for me.

I love you.

loved: untitled


loved: demetri martin

Here are six reasons I love Demetri Martin:





(yes, that is one massive palindrome)










The End.

loved: lady gaga

Hate me if you must…

loved: jon stewart (contd.)

I became a fan of Jon Stewart on Facebook.

But upon searching for a Jon Stewart fan page I came across this:


So tempting….

Is this way to shameful to be classed as humour?

I mean, it is listed as a Religious Organisation

To Fan, or not to Fan, That is the question.

loved: jon stewart

Is it wrong to have a major crush on Jon Stewart?