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worn: friday night hues

Lucy was the class clown in high school.

Luckily for her, she had rich parents that could by her a place at a posh university.

She is addicted to Tetris and wears her boyfriends cologne.

On Friday nights she orders pizza and lounges around in a T-shirt and knickers watching the best of SNL on youtube.

Pixie likes to catch trains around the city.

She listens to Pheonix and makes eyes at strangers.

She enjoys the feeling that she is heading somewhere special.

Every Friday she works as a waitress at a quiet cafe by the river.

Her favourite customer is an old man named Luigi who tells her romantic tales of  Italy.

Penny is a florist.

She dreams of one day owning her own nursery.

Sometimes she thinks she might like plants more than people.

On Friday nights she goes down to the local pub to watch a boy named Ben play guitar.

She has a secret crush on him but is much too shy to say hello.

She sips her ice tea and wonders if he likes to climb trees as much as she does.

During the week, Violet works with boring men in tweed suits.

When she turned 11 she refused to eat her birthday cake until she had received her letter from Hogwarts.

She is still convinced the owl was forced to take a really long detour.

On Friday night Violet sits in the corner of a crowded Jazz bar, sipping martinis, reading Harry Potter.

She scans the room occasionally for boys with black hair and green eyes.

Kit builds little bridges over puddles for ants.

If she sees a dog, she has to pet it.

She owns every season of M*A*S*H on DVD.

Every Friday night she heads to the Skate Park with her friends.

They all drink vodka and smoke cigarettes.

She suspects she is the only one there who listens to Mozart.


notes: back again

Ok, so it has been way longer than a few weeks. sorry.

notes: see you

I’m going away for a few weeks.

See you when I get back. xox


Here is some Manx to keep you company:



loved: spike the fish

Rest in peace my little red-tailed piscene aquatic friend.

It was a pleasure reading to you and watching you swim around and eat all the other fish for 7+ years.

I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish Kerouac.

Say hi to darcy for me.

I love you.

loved: untitled


worn: music festival in my dreams

i really want a feathered headdress, and a little fox brooch or necklace.

anyone know where i can find one?

seen & heard: gaga and elton at the grammys

One word: Wow!

Does that really count as a word? I don’t care. Wow. WOW.